Monday, November 20, 2017

A Week of Thanksgiving

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope that your weekend 
was restful on this week before Thanksgiving, 
here in America. 

My weekend started out with a horrible migraine - 
something I have suffered with since I was a young girl. 

I took this photo early in the morning, 
and it reflects how I was feeling inside my head. 

On Sunday I was feeling better and able to go to the market 
for Thanksgiving supplies. (We are going to my daughter, 
Jennie and Steve's beautiful home to celebrate with the family)
I am tasked with baking the pies :) Apple and pumpkin - 
family favorites. 

My country lane is lovely this time of year with fallen leaves 
carpeting the road. 

Come along with me and we will travel the country roads 
to see the last of the autumn leaves on our way to the market! 

I travel this road several times a week, as it is the same 
road I take to babysit my little grandson. 

I especially love this scene, as it reminds me of an old world
painting with its slanted tree and weathered barn. 

Black cottonwood and big-leaf maple turn 
a gorgeous yellow-orange this time of year. 

Luckily, there is very little traffic and the speed limit 
is slow, because I am certainly taking my eyes off the road
to soak in the scenery! 

A lone black cottonwood stands out. 
These are extremely large and fast growing trees, 
not suitable for suburban landscapes. 

Birds on a wire - these symbolize all of us at times - 
hanging on for dear life while strong winds blow. 

A pastoral scene. 

The countryside is dotted with Hawthorne trees, full 
of red berries, which the birds love. 

A red-roofed barn under moody skies. 

Foothills, fall color, and white fencing. 
Love <3

Horses living in fall beauty
as we near home. 

We arrive at the driveway gate amidst falling leaves. 

Home again. 

Late afternoon sunlight, outside the window, as we 
bring groceries inside. 

Putting away the groceries in my pantry 

I am reminded how truly blessed I am. 

My cupboards are full, I have a cozy roof over my head, 

And God's beautiful earth all around me. 

But the things I am most grateful for
are not things........

They are family. 


Happy Thanksgiving, Dear Friends! 


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Tea and Shortbread on a Late Autumn Afternoon

Hello, Dear Friends - Autumn is moving along
and the days are getting shorter and shorter,
 here in the north-woods of Washington State. 

Won't you join me for a walk in the golden forest,
 then come inside for a hot cup of tea,
with some home-made shortbread? 

The foothills have a new dusting of snow, 
but there is still some fall color among the 
evergreen fir, cedar and hemlock. 

We've had fierce winds the last few days, 
which has blown the leaves off lesser trees, 
but our native maple and black cottonwood
are just coming into their prime. 

A sturdy raincoat and warm scarf are in order - 
this beautiful hand-knit was a gift from 
my dear, talented friend, Pat, who blogs at Lily, My Cat
It's so soft and warm.

Temperatures are dropping into the 40's now. 

The ground is a tapestry of color. 

Nature's beauty. 

The sun hangs low, even at high noon. 

Vine maple illuminates the gloom of the forest.

A late afternoon sunbeam as we step inside. 


Let's make some shortbread! 

My pretty spatula is a gift from my sweet Sis-in-law <3 

Here's the easy recipe:

Lemon-Vanilla Shortbread

Preheat oven to 325 degrees 

Lightly spray an 8-inch shortbread pan 
with nonstick cooking spray. 
(or an 8-inch round cake pan)


1/2 cup salted butter, softened
1/2 cup confectioners' sugar
1/2 tsp lemon extract
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup all-purpose flour
pinch of salt 

In a large mixing bowl, 
cream the butter and sugar together. 

Add remaining ingredients and mix until 
soft dough forms. 

Pat dough into prepared pan. 

Bake @ 325 degrees for 35 minutes. 

Remove from pan after cooling for 10 minutes. 

Cut and enjoy! 
These are so buttery, light and delicious! 

These beautiful Johnson Bros., 'Friendly Village'
plates were once my dear Mother-in-law's,
just sent to me all the way from New Hampshire,
 from my sweet Sis-in-law for my birthday. 

We lost my dear MIL last December. 

These will be so treasured. 

A covered bridge scene. 

When I was a child, my family vacationed 
at 'Butler's Cabin' - a log cabin in the 
White mountains of New Hampshire.
(I grew up in Massachusetts)

Mr. Butler was my Father's friend and boss. 

The cabin was located at the base of Black mountain, 
in Jackson, N.H. and we had to travel 
over a covered bridge to get there. 

Those lovely days were the best memories of my childhood.

I had this little dish already :)

I've used my 'new' vintage Kate Greenaway tablecloth 
that I just found at Virginia Retro - etsy

I had seen this tablecloth on Pam's blog
 (Virginia Retro) months ago, 
when she featured it in one of her wonderful table-scapes,
and I promptly fell in love with it. 
When she opened her Etsy shop recently, 
there it was for sale and I couldn't believe my good fortune! 

Kate Greenaway was a wonderful children's book
illustrator in the late 1800's and I have a few of 
her lovely books reprinted in the 60's and 70's. 

Lemon tea and shortbread. 


Some lovely pages from 'The Language of Flowers'.

Time to clean up <3

Ramblin' Man will be so happy tonight!
Shortbread is a favorite!


Thank you for joining me, Dear Friends!

If you are interested in buying one of these
beautiful shortbread molds, you can find
many examples for sale, Here.


Wishing you a lovely week! 

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